7950 vs 660 ti vs 670

Hey guys I am looking to upgrade my 6850 soon, and I was wondering whether you think I should go with a 7950, a 660ti, or a 670. I had heard that the 7950 could top a 670 and even near a 680, but I saw some recent benchmarks that show that the 660ti is better? I would just like to know how these cards stack up against each other, and which is the best bang for the buck.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Some of depends on your system specs etc, but in general:

    If you are planning to OC, the 7950 is and has always been the best bang for your buck.

    If not, grab the 670.

    I have a 2500k and 8gb of ram, so I don't think that will bottleneck it. I will overclock it to around 1100 mhz for the core clock if I get a 7950. How will that compare to a 670? If it only means spending a little more to get a decent performance increase I will.
  2. GTX 670 and 7950 pretty much performs on the same when overclocked....

    but the 670 costs $70 more lol.
  3. iknowhowtofixit said:
    7950, best bang for buck

    Ok, thanks for your answer. Now, should I go with the gigabyte windforce or the sapphire vapor-x? I want the lowest temperatures because I plan on overclocking.
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  5. Vapor-X, Windorce is really loud because of tri-fan.
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