Upgrading pc, What to get?

So, I have an slightly old rig:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T overlocked to 3.7 ghz
GPU: ATI radeon HD 6870
MOBO: Asrock extreme 4
Monitor: Packard bell random Full hd led monitor
Case: Zalman Z9

What Im looking for:
CPU: Intel defenitly, im starting to hate amd on that area lolz
GPU: AMD or Nvidia
MoBo: Not too expensive

Let's say, I can upgrade 2 pc with the same hardware, one with a budget of 800 Euros the other one with 1200 Euros.
What would u guys suggest?

Thx, srry for any grammer mistakes (whas sleepy lawlz)
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  1. Edit: Whas thinking of buying a Interl I7 3770K + AMD 7950 or Nvidia 680 I can still life with this rig for 2-3 moths before throwing it out of the window cos of irritation, its amazing that my rig has so much lag on some games xD

    Couldn't edit my main thread somehow :S
  2. just upgrade your video card? to 7970 or gtx670?
  3. if you are getting a lot lag, i think you probably turned up AA too much. my friend can play bf3 at ultra with a 6870 easily as long as he kept aa at 4x.

    anyways, id suggest a gtx 670 or a 7950. whichever is cheaper.
  4. But, Im starting to think this amd cpu is just a big pile of scrap. thats why I want to upgrade it, and not sure what to get. I could wait till june for the new intel architecture + a newer grahapics card maybe.
  5. the CPU is fine
  6. The Phenom II Hex cores are actually very good performers. It wouldnt be the issue in games.

    Graphics card is what I would upgrade, a 7950 would be a good option. And if you still have issues, well now you don't have to get a GPU for the full system upgrade you were planning on anyway.
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