1st Build, Second Opinion Requested

Hello, I have mostly completed the list of parts for my first PC build. I am an avid PC user, I know my way around a computer and am comfortable with building my own computer. However, since the internet seems to be filled with people who know a lot more about components than me, I decided it might be wise to ask for a second opinion online before purchasing these parts.

I plan on buying my components from Amazon, I have purchased parts from there before and have been quite happy with the service. I have compared prices to those on Newegg, the difference was within $10 when I checked, and unless there are substantial savings over at a different retailer, I will stick with amazon.

I would like to know if these parts are all compatible, and if possibly a better component exists for around the same amount. I had some trouble finding a good mobo, it seemed like every 10 minutes I would find a review of one that was better and cheaper than the one I had selected, and I eventually ended up with a gigabyte one. If there is a better mobo for the same price +/- $10 please let me know, let me know for other components also.

I plan on doing mostly gaming, but some general computing/internet work as well. I plan to do a moderate OC to the low 4.0GHz range. I do strategy and simulator games (as well as some FPS on the side), which are more CPU intensive than typical games.

I'm going for quality components for the most future-upgradability support and reliability I can get.

Here are the parts:

NZXT Phantom 410 [$99.98@amazon]

Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA 1155, GA-Z77X-UD3H [$149.99@amazon]

Intel Core i5 3570K [$223.79@amazon]

Samsung 840 Series SSD 250GB[$178.43@amazon] (I am a light data user, this SSD can take care of my needs for a few months before I get a secondary HHD)

Corsair Builder Series CX 600w 80PLUS[$66.24@amazon]

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1600[$51.62@amazon] (You read that right, I only want 1 stick for now so I can get another later on while being able to use dual channel)

Corsair Hydro H60 High Performance LCS[$65.24@amazon] (2013 Edition with smooth tubing and updated fans)(I really like liquid cooling, even though I can't afford a true LC setup I still love the way this looks in the side panel with the cpu block and the piping, you can try all you want but I'm not budging with this. ;)

Windows 7 HP 64Bit System Builder's Pack[91.17@amazon] (I understand this is the OEM version with some limitations)

TP-Link Dual Band N600 PCI-E Adapter[$34.99@amazon] (I wanted to go with this because the mobos I found that were $30 more only had 2.4GHz WiFi support)

ASUS 24xDVD-RW Drive[$23.59@amazon]

NZXT Hue RGB LED Controller[$32.99@amazon]

Total Cost: ~$1,017

You might have noticed there is no GPU, I'll move over my current EVGA FTW GTX 560 and then purchase a GTX 700 series card once they are available.

I also wanted to know, is it worth it to remove the pre-applied thermal paste on the H60 and put some Arctic Silver MX-4 on?

Thanks for the help in advance, I'm sure there must be at least 1 component I can save money on or get better performance by switching.

EDIT: Although I live in the South-Eastern US where there are no MicroCenters, I have a relative in the Chicago area who might pick some parts up for me and ship them over (with plenty of bubble-wrap of course). I'll handle price-finding for these components on my own, I would just like to know if the components themselves are a good choice or if a different part could work better.
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  1. you can save a bit on the mobo, i believe, asrock extreme4 will come 20$ cheaper
  2. Ok, thanks, I'll go with that mobo, nice specs.

    I have another question, Newegg TV instructs people to assemble their motherboard and video card outside the case first to make sure it will POST, and I plan on doing this, but I want to install my liquid cooler inside the case and not have it dangling from my mobo when I go to install the mobo into the case. Is it safe to have the CPU run for 30 seconds or so while it POSTs without a cooler on it?

  3. 30 seconds? sure it's safe...
  4. Yeah, I did some research and found that with the build in throttling and shutdown controls, it's relatively safe to get to the POST beep and quickly cut the power.

    DOes anyone still know if it is worth it to replace the pre-applied thermal paste on the H60 and put some MX-4 on?
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