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Recently i built a new system. For two weeks or so it ran perfectly. I turned on the computer and it booted up, windows start up screen appeared but after that everything went black. I restarted the system into safe mode used system restore and everything operated fine again. (i used system restore because i thought windows updates where the problem). A day or so later the same thing happened, i went threw the same process and it worked and booted up as normal for another a day or so.. until today! Now the system will not even boot up safe mode it just displays a black screen. (i can see and move the mouse cursor, but everything else is black). I opened the case made sure everything was connected and checked for dust or any abnormalities but it all seems fine. :S ??

is this a faulty graphics card?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. My guess would be a faulty graphics card

    can you try it in another pc ?
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