Best budget GPU for AMD 8350

Alright so I need a GPU, and I don't really wanna spend much more than $200, but I might go a little over. I am mainly looking at the nVidia 660, AMD 7850 and the AMD 7870. Not sure which, I would go for a 660Ti but I can't go that much over. I am leaning towards the 7870 because of price and performance and well it has 256 bit memory instead of 660's 192 bit. Also I am thinking that I can crossfire the 7870's down the road I can do the same with the 7850 and SLI the 660. I wish I had more money I'd grab the 660Ti and do a 3 Way SLI down the road xD. Please give input and experience.

nVidia 660
AMD 7850
AMD 7870
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  1. This just depends on how much you are you willing to spend

    Obviously 7870>660>7850

    However, if you'd like to take overclocking into consideration

  2. Get a GHz edition of the HD 7970 for about $220. It is better than GTX 660 also cheaper.
    GTX cards consume less power and have stunning performance in some games like starcraft 2 and portal 2.
  3. If your planning to add another card in the future (sli or crossfire) get the 660 gtx, SLI setups are way better than crossfire ones for drivers, smoothness, lack of stuttering.
    Also a 660 gtx is better than a 7850 even oc.
  4. As you said above, GTX 660 is a better choice if you will SLI.
    SLI is been always more Hassle free than Crossfire. Crossfire has many issues like stutters and Driver problems.

    I have a GTX 660 and it maxes every game at good fps in 1080p.
    A 3x way SLI is pretty Overkill for 1080p and a Tough Contender for Triple Monitor setup.

    I would recommend you 2x660 setup. It will give you enough power to max every game at 1080p at a constant 60+ fps. ;)

    If you are Confused between brands, Get the MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr III
    It a very good Card with Super Cooling and it Overclocks way nicely.
  5. ^ I prefer MSI Twin Frozr myself ;)
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