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Hey guys, so, I've decided to venture into the PC retail market.

I'll be making and selling one custom PC every 1-2 weeks.

What I would like from you, is to make suggestions on what you think value buys for me to use in these builds would be. A whole list of parts and prices for an entire build if possible.

Think retail, I need to make a profit off of these. Anything for $900-$1200 that I can turn around and sell for $1500 or more would be fantastic.

Must be able to run all modern games at a rate of at least 50fps at 1080p.

Must be energy efficient and heat efficient in design. This doesn't necessarily mean water cooling, but if possible, it would add bang for my buck since people are obviously willing to pay extra for looks - and we all know water cooling looks pretty cool.

Cases need to have room for cable routing and proper management. Remember, I'm trying to maximize my profit here. The more professional the build looks the more I can make off it.

Let the builds begin!
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  1. Is this something you plan to do part time? Is your main focus the Gamer market? By retail do you mean your going to have a store front?
  2. I'm a roofer full time - this would just be a side project. There's a lot of demand around where I live for high end systems and not a lot of stores here carry them. BestBuy has a couple at a time but they're often incredibly over priced. For example they currently have one by IBuyPower with a single 7950 for almost $3000. In reality it's worth a little more than a grand.

    I'd be selling them through kijiji. If you don't know what kijiji is, basically it's the Canadian version of craigslist.

    My main focus would be the gamer market, yes. As I said I'll only be making one every week or two. If the first couple sell well I would start taking orders via personal ads.
  3. Here's a great system within your budget. It will max out almost all games on 1080p (Crysis 3?). If you want to sell a system more for looks, get this:
  4. The second link is broken, Plasmaj. But I'm reviewing the first. Looks good, thanks!
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