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I just purchased a new Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E530 Laptop. Although the laptop did not come with a lot of pre-installed software, it did come with a pre-installed version of Norton AntiVirus. My understanding was that the software was not activated and actually running as I was prompted to Activate but declined as I do not want this particular product.

I downloaded a free trial version of AVG Antivirus (the version without the Firewall) as I have been told this is a great product and will not slow down the performance of my machine. Following installation, I downloaded the Comodo Firewall product as I had heard this was a great product as well. Subsequent to the Comodo installation, I could no longer connect to the Internet - every time I launched Internet Explorer, I got a blank screen with the hourglass/circle showing that the system was processing;however, it never launched Yahoo. I proceeded to uninstall Comodo as I had been able to connect without issue prior to that installation. However, following the completion of the uninstall, I still could not connect. I attempted to uninstall AVG;however, due to other issues had to shut down the machine mid-way. When I rebooted and attempted to complete the uninstall, I was not successful as both Windows and the AVG Uninstaller now believe that AVG is not installed even though many of the files are still present.

1. Would anyone know how to complete the uninstall?

2. Would anyone have any idea as to why I might have had issues following AVG and Comodo installation? Could it be contention with the Norton product that was pre-installed? Wondering if I should attempt to uninstall Norton as well.

Any thoughts/information you might have would be great.

Thanks very much!
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  1. IF you just purchased the laptop and have nothing stored on it, it might be faster to just reload Windows to the factory setting than to troubleshoot the issue...
  2. Windows security essentials is a good choice.
  3. I don't use Anti-virus software but if I were you, I would just system restore.
  4. Thanks very much - appreciate the info. I actually wound up uninstalling both Norton and AVG and downloading the Free Comodo Internet Security Software - which includes the Comodo Firewall. So far, so good!
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