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4GB - Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, or ASUS?

Im looking to buy one of these 4 GPUs.
Asus gtx 680 4gb -
Gigabyte gtx 680 4gb -
EVGA gtx 680 FTW -
MSI gtx 680 4gb twin frozr -

Im not looking for anything but a 4gb for future proofing reasons. Dont plan to OC much if any at all, and not running SLI or mulitiple monitors.
Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.
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    1. Since you will not SLI, I prefer a non-reference like cooler, (not like evga, similar to reference which blows air to the back). With that, I would go for asus, its cooler is quiet and cool.
    2. Since you are not considering to OC, why not go for a factory oc version. Won't hurt much. If that's the case, go for TOP version of Asus gtx 680.
    3. If in case you will plan to SLI, better go for evga, since it would sandwich the cooler if you would use coolers like Asus'.
  2. ^ +1.

    He's exactly right
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