Is my computer overheating ???

sorry if im inthe wrong section i recently purchase a Nvidia Geforce Galaxy 275 896mb 448bit GDDR3 into my system which suffered a random turn off

E6300 C2D @1.86GHZ and @1.40GHZ

Foxconn 945 7mc motherboard

2x1gb ddr2 corsair xmc2 ram

Windows 7 Premium sp1

Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 graphics card.

Antec 500w Power Supply Unit.

What happened is i installed my new graphics card (GTX 275) from my old guadro fx3400 and i installed the new drivers from and i play a couple of games on max settings = Just cause 2 optimal settings, Bioshock, Aliens vs Predator high w/o aa, and Viva pinata and sim 3 and after that i played Crysis high setting w/o aa
got about 15/20 minutes into the game and my computer turned itself off BTw forgot to mention all games at 1920x1080 res 32"moniter/tv. i turned it back on the psu fan revved very loudly blowing warmish air out of the back of the case and turned off i waited for 5mins for it too cool down turned it back on entered bios cpu temps were at 58.c and motherboard was at 47.c i have a stock cpu cooler and the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme III attached to my gpu as it came in the box and no case fans. My case is the stylist digital pc case which supports back a 120mm fan,two side fans 80mm and 140mm/120mm. and two 80mm fans at the front never o.c was thinking of o.cing Gpu but not with a weak power supply i was wondering if there any reason why it turned off and my psu fans revved up so loud do i need a new psu? or case cooling not sure about gpu temps dont know how to check thanks for any replys any information needed please ask :)
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  1. Run prime95 blend around 30 mins or so (to see max cpu temps). Afterwards run furmark for 20min (for the gpu max temps). Tell us how high it gets and if it doesn't turn off, it's not an overheating issue on those parts

    Monitor temperatures with open hardware monitor
  2. il try that now thanks
  3. hi im back with my results for prime95 i ran it for 30 mins open harware moniter read core#1 max was 63.c and core'#2 max was 62.c going to run furmark for 20 mins now.
  4. So cpu temps are normal.
  5. i ran furmark burn in didnt know what test to run i ran it for 15mins then screen froze with lots of white dashes along the screen had to swith pc off by back of psu and turn pc back on temps before it froze were gpu core was at 97.c and gpu board was at 80.c i checked idle temps when restarded pc for gpu which are gpu core =42.c and gpu board is 37.c
  6. Seems like an overheat gpu, those temps are pretty high.

    My recommendation would be to return the card and get something more modern like a 650ti.
  7. anything wrong with gpu ? or was the random turn off just a one off havent ran any games since i got random turn off which was 5 mins before i created this thread
  8. how much is a 650ti because i got gtx275 at £55 with a year warrenty ?
  9. You probably need to replace the thermal paste, remove any dusts and clean the fans.

    If you can return it and get a refund, I strongly suggest that. It's better to get something more modern
  10. 650ti is 150 usd. If you want something close to £55 though, the radeon 7750 is a good choice
  11. il try and return it and get a more modern graphics card. Hopefully they wont give me replacement thanks for helping me out
  12. You're welcome. Good luck with your next purchase ;)
  13. thanks bye
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