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GeForce GTX 280 still good enough

Is this card still good enough to run GTA IV at 1368x768 at medium to high settings?

amd athlon x4 3.0ghz
4gb ram
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  1. Yes, it should be fine. You should be able to max it out at that resolution.
  2. Should I buy that instead of a 7770?
  3. It'll be fine, except that GTA4 is more cpu dependent
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    Uhm, Chilled, GTA IV is probably the most unoptimised buggy game to come to the PC. Hell, using mods which make the graphics 10x better (ICenhancer for example), actually add performance in most areas.

    GTA IV is hugely CPU, not really GPU. Its like Skyrim, it doesn't fully use your CPU and that causes your GPU to only run at like 60-80%.

    I would go for the 7770 because it is a bit faster, and uses MUCH less power (something like half as much), which in turn means less heat and less noise, and also supports DX11. Its also basically the same price. No question which one you should get.

    EDIT: Answering my question in case you didn't understand. GET THE 7770.

    This is the cheapest 7770. Remember all 7770's are GHZ editions, so don't let that fool you. You can get a much better cooler (The Sapphire Vapor-X one, for $130, which is also good, and quiet).
  5. ^ +1.

    I agree with him. It's better to get a more modern card
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