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Would a gt610 make a good dedicated physX card?

I currently have gtx670, and a corei5 3570k. In borderlands, when i have physics from low to high my FPS goes from 70-80 to 40-50. Would this card be able to help me out? Or is there a better choice out there?
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  1. I recommend a GTS 450 GDDR5... I got one for $60 off ebay (my current GPU). I plan to use as a dedicated PPU later after I'm fully upgraded. People will say other wise, but so far the GTS 450 has done the best with benchmarking compared to other cards. I don't know why that is. Maybe the other cards were Overkill.
  2. G610? definitely not. is your mobo SLI certified?
  3. yes, but I don't want to spend another 300+ USD
  4. Helgast kitty said:
    yes, but I don't want to spend another 300+ USD

    GTS 450, GT 650, GTX 550. All decent physx Cards.
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    you can look cards like GT650. to be honest i think the second slot is better use for SLI. with 2 670 you will br able to handle more demanding games that will come inxthe future. also with such raw performance you don't need dedicated PhysX to play game with gpu accelerated PhysX in the future. but since you don't want to fork put anothet 300 for 670 then just look cheaper card fir physx. no nedf powerful card such as 580 for that purpose alone.
  6. Get gtx 650 its is good decent card.way lot better than old gt 450.
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  8. thanks for all of the answers. I think I'll just wait and go SLI in the future.
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