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Hello people,
Recently, my monitor seems to be broken as it is not receiving the computers display signal (CRT/Analog). When I turn on my computer, everything powers on but my monitor stays on "standby" mode. I'm pretty sure my monitor is fine as I have tested it on other systems, and my power supply doesn't seem faulty (fans working, computer receives power).
Could the answer be that my graphics card is broken/faulty or is it another problem?

500W PSU
i7 2600k (not overclocked)
H77M Mobo
Radeon 6670 2GB

All answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

PS: My gpu has been resting on the edge connected to the mobo, with no support from the rear end of the case.
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    My GPU is the problem. I turned on my PC w/ the CRT cable in the Mobos slot and it worked.
  2. Can someone please close the thread?
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