Best GPU for $125??

Hey i'm on a budget for a new video card. Looking to spend about 125 bucks and I want to be able to play any game on steam. Don't care much about ultimate settings and what not but i want to be able to play the games at high frame rates with decent quality.
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  1. oh and my psu is only 450 watts so keep that in mind! I'm running core i3, 8gb ram, micro atx, 320gb HDD and a 120gb ssd
  2. An HD 7770 is probably the way to go... lots of them available between $100 and $125
  3. Hd 7770 would be best.make sure that you have 6pin connector in your powersupply.
  4. Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition. Thats what I have. It's a really good GPU for 100 to 130
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