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Hey, I am building my new PC, and I want to get a gaming keyboard. I would be willing to spend $50-$75 on it, and Preferably it would be backlit. I was looking at the Microsoft Sidewinder X4, but then it was sold out on Newegg, and Its restocking in like a month. Then I looked at razer, I think it's ok, but I didn't like it as much, essentially with the Arcosa, they took a normal keyboard, make it look pretty, and called it "gaming" and added $20 to it, so Then I looked at the Logitech G110, which was on sale, now it is sold out on Newegg, so thats a no, Then I found the Saitek Eclipse II, and that is at the moment what I have, but I really need at least like 2 USB ports on my Keyboard for my mouse and headset. I also was looking at the Microsoft Reclusa just so y'all know. Anyone have any suggestions?

What I neeeeed:
•USB Hubs on the Keyboard

What I really want:
•Macros Keys

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    Deals presented by Tom's hardware themselves.
    The Black-widow is a fantastic mechanical keyboard, and has all the amenities that you want. Plus its a mechanical keyboard.

    Open box black widow

    Although that deal is better above me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. usmarine1979 said:

    Open box black widow

    Although that deal is better above me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Is it backlt?
  4. FlyingPigman said:
    Is it backlt?

    Yes, although I believe it only comes w/ green backlights

    I stand corrected, looks like there's a range of blue to white as options
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