Motherboard only seems to work with GeForce 7900GT?

So about a week ago I posted asking for help with my brothers computer, I never figured it out but I've tried a lot more stuff and I'm actually wondering whether the PCI-E socket has gone or if the cards are just incompatible? As far as I know though I thought PCI cards were B/C? For example a PCI2 can work in a PCI1?

But anyway I'll quickly explain the situation and what I've tried.

So on Christmas I helped my brother pick out a computer that was cheap from eBay, the guy who had it lives right around the corner but although he custom built the PC he doesn't really know anything about them. He was using a USB 2x 3.5mm converter to get sound and mic input when he just had to update the drivers...

So when I got my new Graphics Card (HD Radeon 6670 2GB) I gave my older Media Card I used for gaming to my brother (GeForce 210 1GB). Now I told him to unplug the power and make sure to be careful when replacing the GeForce 7900GT that was in his PC and he came to me saying there is no signal, so I took it all out and put it back in again making sure it clicked into place.

The problem I was encountering was that I would get 1 long beep and 3 short beeps and the monitor would say "No Signal Detected", naturally I thought maybe it's a PSU problem but his PSU is 350w just the same as mine. I then thought it might be a memory problem so I tried his RAM one by one and still nothing, I decided to see if maybe the GeForce 210 had blown or something so I placed it back into my PC and it worked, my brothers PC has SLI on the MoBo so I put the card in the second slot to see if I could use it in there and it worked, picture came up and the bios booted but the PC told me to place the card in the first slot to use it as a primary card. So I took it out and placed it in the first, turned the PC on and the same problem occurred.

I had an old 400w PSU laying around that I used before with the GeForce 210 so I plugged that into his PC and tried both PCI slots and it done the same as above, works in the second but not in the first. I was stumped and I still am, I thought maybe it might be a problem with the PC not detecting the GeForce 210 card so I placed in my ATI HD Radeon 6670 and the exact same thing as above happened, signal in the second SLI slot but not in the primary.

Right now I'm thinking it's either the PCI slot is damaged or maybe the BIOS would need updating? I'm not sure what to think though since both cards work fine in other PC's and work okay in the second slot but not the first.
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  1. try updating the BIOS of the mainboard.
  2. Just finished updating the Bios. It was an Award type so I used the following to backup and flash:

    AWDFLASH OLDBIOS.bin /pn /sy

    AWDFLASH NEWBIOS.bin /py /sn /cc /cd /cp /r

    After the Bios updating successfully and the PC booting into Windows I shut it down and tried both the GeForce 210 and my new Radeon 6670 and still the same as before, works and shows up in the second SLI slot but gives me no signal in the primary PCI. I'd suggest a bad PCI slot but would the current card in it (GeForce 7900GT) still work?
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