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If my motherboard has onboard video and i have a graphics card, would it be beneficial to disable the onboard video so it doesnt disturb the graphics cards process? Or should i have them both working together for increased performance?
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  1. If you have a graphics card and want to use the card then you have to disable the onboard graphics.
  2. oh, they wont work together at all?
  3. No they won't work together unless onboard got hybrid function.
    For best performance use only discrete graphics not the onboard crap.
  4. From what I've heard on some motherboards it can be done, but haven't found any yet.
    So if there is a option on the bios that says you can enable both at the same time then it's good, but I think that is unlikely.
  5. If u r use gpu card the onboard gpu is automatically disabled.
  6. hytecgowthaman said:
    If u r use gpu card the onboard gpu is automatically disabled.

    I've seen retail computers (store bought) A6 computers that will not do this.
  7. Ok, so i just need to install the GPU and it "should" disable the onboard, or i can get into the bios and do it.
  8. Normally it will auto disable and you will start up with your card taking over. But in some cases a motherboard will need to have its adapter changed.
  9. Ok, good news. thank you.
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