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Gtx 650 Ti Vs Radeon HD7850

I am aware that the 7850 is better than the 650Ti even though they're pretty similar until you turn the AA on where the 7850 beats the 650 Ti hands down but my question though is as follow : Is it worth buying the 7850 for 30$-40$ extra even if I'm on a tight budget ?..or maybe I should just wait for the HD8XXX/ GTX 7XX series to come out in a few months ?

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  1. Yes it worth buying.hd 7850 would be good future proof.currently there is no news regarding 8 series and 7 series of nvidia your decision to wait for it or no.
  2. As the GTX660 an the 7850 are in the same price range I would look at that on the flip side and its more of a closer showing on both sides.
  3. Think before buy : spend more than 50$ for get extra 2fps in single game.
  4. Well you are talking about a 580 which for the money isn't worth it anymore in comparison to the newer generation cards. And of course its possible that the new gen cards could come out this quarter however there are places that are reporting quarter 2 for both nvidia and amd. And unless you are meaning to go from a 1080 monitor to a higher resolution display I would say any of the modern cards would do the trick.
  5. hytecgowthaman said:


    Why do people use these? They are absolutely useless to show how two cards can relate, especially if they are completely different architectures. Different architectures work differently.

    Moving on, the 7850 has the ability to crossfire, and the overclocking potential on these are phenomenal. I have two running at 1.2 GHZ (One can go up to 1.4 ish, but the temps now exceeded the safe zone since I crossfired them)
  6. They do indeed. I had mentioned the 660 against the 7850 because its a more fair comparison. However due to the OP's budget he may have saw more fit to compare the 2 cards
  7. hytecgowthaman said:
    Think before buy : spend more than 50$ for get extra 2fps in single game.
    Basically to break it down:

    7770 < 650 Ti < 7850 < GTX 660 < 7870 < GTX 660 Ti < 7950 < 670 < 7970 < 680 < 7970GHz

    So take that into consideration along with price.
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    Do you now game at 1080p or plan to in the near future? If yes, then save the money to buy a 7850. The 650 Ti's 128-bit memory bus and lack of ROPs is a bottleneck when rendering and applying AA at that resolution. 1680x1050 or less and you're fine with a 650 Ti.

    Also I wish someone would just take down that worthless website hwcompare.
  9. I do know they're not on the same level performance wise, which is why I said if it was worth spending the 40$ extra to get the 7850.

    And for the hwcompare links, I already know the specs of both so it doesnt really help.
    @hytecgowthaman : it's not 2 extra fps.. its more like an average of 15 fps (+-)
    @bigshootr8 : Correct, new gen should come out this year in Q2, (Prob Q1 for laptops)

    Prize wise.. I found the 650 Ti for 120$ and the 7850 for 170$
    My budget was around 130$ but I guess I should wait a little to get the 7850.
  10. I would monitor prices I'll provide links. Also you may want to take a look at this article I found it interesting. A guy in another thread had posted it. I took a quick glance and was a bit surprised. (Granted its a Ti comparison the non ti isn't far behind). I feel he performance would be worth it spending the 40 dollars to get a 7850 over the 650ti. But spending 40 dollars more lands you near the 660 as well

    7850 pcpartpicker link
    660 pcpartpicker link
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  12. I understand your point bigshootr8 but then spending another 20$ gets you to the 7870, then another 30$ to the 660Ti.
    You have to cross the line at some point and I think mine atm was between the 650Ti and the 7850

    Thanks for you help as well and btw pcpartpicker is a strong site seeing that you can compare prices from 7 different countries

    @bgrt : thanks! thats the info I was looking for!! I'm currently running dual screens at 1680x1050 each and should upgrade them eventually but that prbly wont be before end of 2013 since I wanted to upgrade my MOBO and CPU first.
  13. Course haha its a vicious cycle I think beyond the 7850 the 660 wins and then the Ti and the 7950 duke it out and then the higher cards. And course yea I understand spending money my inner jew kicks in :P I'm quarter but anyway you buy the best you an afford its good to live within your means. I hope w.e card you land on it suffices your needs at the price that works for you pc gaming needs people with a brain (that know not to buy the minimum requirements for a game)
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