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Will this PC combo from Newegg work withouth 3D card?

Hello everyone. I recently ordered this from Newegg:

It is a DYI PC combo under the list of "complete solutions." I have already ordered it, but have a question. I realized that the CPU does not list anything about integrated/onboard video, but under the information for the motherboard it says that the onboard chipset is the ATI Radeon 3000.

I am making this PC for a friend who literally needs it to just run Microsoft word and a few other business applications. Nothing graphically demanding at all.

Will it be able to run as is without a dedicated videocard? Thanks for any answers.
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    No it has a onboard graphics from the chipset. If you take a look at the I/O shield the inputs keyboard mouse, usb etc., you can see the monitor inputs VGA/DVI and you will see that you are fine sir :) for just standard typing and some internet browsing you are golden sir.
  2. your mainboard has the 760 chipset as the northbridge that has a built in video card. Don't worry you can run your machine without having to buy a dedicated card
  3. If he ever wants to play serious games he'll need a good video card, just remind him...
  4. Also, be aware that the PSU-shaped object with it might be good for 300W, and that probably not cleanly (be SURE he uses a surge protector, as that..."device" probably contains no significant input filtering). If your friend ever wants a graphics card to play games, he should first buy a quality PSU. A <$40 Antec VP-450 would be much better than what he's getting.
  5. Cool. Thanks for all the input guys!

    Yea, I already asked and confirmed multiple times that this machine will not be running ANY games at all. The most demanding program would probably just be iTunes, if he even wants to install that to begin with. Quite honestly wasn't expecting an answer so quick. I should come here more often!!! haha.
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