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When i turn on or restart my pc my monitor displays "No signal" , and after a few seconds it comes up and loads windows, so i cant see the main picture of mother board, and i cant see bios, nothing in the boot, it just turns on when windows load, i tried a diffrent monitor same thing happends. Can anyone help me. My grafic card is NVIDIA GTS 450 just in case you need to know.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. this is not usual....the reason for it may be because your graphic card starts to output video signals only at that point of time when Windows starts.
    alternatively you can also try updating the BIOS to see if that works.
  2. also most new mb and cpu now have built in video chipsets. (ipgpu). when they do most mb vendor set them up as first video devices. so the post screen gets sent to the mb video output. then switches to gpu where the video cable is plugged in.
    used to be when you installed a gpu the onboard chipset would be turned a lot of users want more then one display so the chipset does not turn off unless you do in the bios. your fix would be to change the first video device in the bios from ipgpu to pci.
  3. in bios i found that its set to PCI , and i can change it to PEG, PEG2, PEG3 is this what you mean, yes i have been using 2 monitors, one is an lcd it works on 60 Hz and the other is old works on 85 Hz, when i put both of monitors on the old one it loads bios and startup, and then that monitor turns off and windows starts on the other monitor, i tried to swich cables of vga input, when i do that nothing happends, both of monitors go out of range, how can i fix that only the lcd monitor load bios boots and starts up windows? Tnx
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