Combine one 4GB GTX680 with a 2GB GTX680 SLI?

Is it possible to combine a GTX680 SOC 2GB with a GTX680 FTW 4GB in SLI to get 4GB of GDDR5 RAM?

Thanks for your answers :ange:
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  1. No you will not have effective 4 GB of ram you would need to have both cards at 4GB of ram to get the 4 GB of ram. You will be stuck at the lowest memory setting.
  2. you can force the cards to work together...but you will only get 2gb of effective vram while loosing the additional 2 gigs on the 4gig card.

    it will be like setting up a raid array of hdd s of unequal capacity.
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  4. simply put the answer is No
  5. bigcyco1 said:
    simply put the answer is No

    forced sli was possible using coolbits...has nvidia removed that option lately?
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