What Video card to install in my i3 Desktop Computer?

Hi all,
I need a video card to install in my ASUS desktop computer that will run my sons games such as Battlefield 3 and Duke Nukem Forever.
The Motherboard is a P7H55-M PRO) with an Intel Core i3 CPU 530@2.93 GHz with 2GB DDR3 Ram and 32-bit operating system Running Windows 7. Motherboard has 2x PCI and 1x PCI Express 2.0 x16.
I'm Not sure of what Power Supply is in the Desktop Box.. 350W would be the minimum i'm Guessing as it runs 2xDVD drives.
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  1. Dude why 2nd thread you have create 1 thread of same ques.delete this thread.
  2. since you are not sure of the psu wattage...you should better go for the hd7770 or the gtx650ti.
    what resolutions do you intend these games to run at is also of significance and yet to be answered by you.
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