Is there something wrong with my Evga GTX 680 ?

Hello, I have owned an EVGA GTX 680 for a month now and it never failed me <3 but today I wanted to run a 3DMARK 11 test and the result was very low (I think), I got X3435 .. I ran the test on EXTREME 1080p the highest possible thing.

My hardware is :
GPU: Evga GTX 680
CPU: I5 3570K
RAM: Corsair 8gb (2x4) 1600mhz
Screen res : 1080p

so is there something wrong with the card or the graphics were just too high to handle ?
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  1. Dont' worry yourself over benchmark results, they can be skewed by minor things like driver issues. As long as your card performs normally in every day situations there is unlikely to be an issue.
  2. dont panic, 3dmark is very demanding at extreme settings, and you will find when you compare 3dmark scores on the website you will find some rediculous scores which you can never match. there are some hardcore 3dmark enthusiasts which find performance shortcuts that post these rediculous scores.
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