Radeon 5570 on 25w pcie

ok i want to put a radeon hd5570 in my ancient hp dc7700 sff the maximum power drwn is 40w and i only have 25w will this work for games
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  1. Please post your whole specs and +12v ratings on sticker of your psu.
  2. +12v = 7.5A
    +12vcpu = 11.5A
    +12vaux = 3.0A
  3. my cpu is a c2d 2.4ghz e6600, 2x 2gb 400mhz ram, 0a54h motherboard
  4. No you have to upgrade your psu otherwise your psu will be blown.have you brought that card?
  5. yea i have, no way to make it work
  6. what is lacking, the pci power or the psu
  7. Oh i think it can work as you have 3rails of 12v.hd 5570 needs 4A.SO it can work.
  8. what does that mean? will it burn out if it doesnt work
  9. im just a kid here i dont have the money to fix a psu if i blow it up
  10. In theory it can work.or why donot get new psu.but i think it will work.
  11. ok thanks, i cant upgrade the psu in any way it is a sff computer and regular psu will not fit
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