Will a Antec 500w psu support an i5 3570K and a gtx 660ti?

Title says it all but just wondering if a Antec 500w psu will be enough for a intel i5 3570K and a gtx 660 ti?
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  1. Need an exact model before we can say either way, 500W is about the tipping point where you can expect dual PCI-E 6pins on a PSU, which is required to run a 660Ti.
  2. Alrighty would a SHAW EVO 685 max do it?
  3. I'm guessing this supply?

    God no, surely the fact its a (implied only) 650W supply going for $18 would tip you off to its bad quality. From the electrical specifications on the sticker, the thing can only put out 200W on the 12v rail, which is nowhere near what you need for that system. Its not 80+ certified, so its efficiency and voltage control is unknown. The thing probably doesn't have Active PFC either. Given that the only image and info (of which there is virtually none) of it is on the MSY page, don't know what connectors are on it, but given its 200W nature wouldn't expect enough to connect up a 660Ti.

    This is the lowest end PSU available on MSY (Which I assume you are buying from, since its the only result for the SHAW unit) that I would recommend you run with your system.
    Corsair CX500. $76

    The PSU is the last place you want to cheap out in a system, its the one component with the potential to blow up all the others. And bad power supply's tend to take everything with them when they die as well.
  4. antec is good, yes it is enough, but if you want 2 or 3 gpus in sli. then no.
  5. Yea I was only gonna have 1 gpu but god lucky I Asked
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