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Hye. I planning to buy new graphic card and new psu with RM370 budget. People recommend me this two ;,POWER,SUPPLY,HEXA,SERIES,450W,HE,400,,330857.php?prod=330857,Graphic,Card,HD6570,2GB,DDR3,,SAP,11191,02,41G,Sapphire,Warranty,,334615.php?prod=334615

are this two compatible with my pc?
Operating System
MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Brisbane 65nm Technology
2.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 325MHz (5-5-5-15)
Acer RS740DVF (AM2)
V193HQ (1024x768@75Hz)
ATI Radeon 2100 (Acer Incorporated [ALI])
Hard Drives
149GB Seagate ST3160815AS (SATA)
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

some people tell me the 2gb ddr3 are useless. Right now i'm confuse to choose with graphic card. Can you guys help me choose a graphic card on the website?
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  1. your power supply and gpu is good for that resolution

    but it is waste to get 2gb game uses more than get 1gb hd 6570.

    and also get 2gb ram need minimum 4gb ram to play new games
  2. but, i only have 2 slot of ram
  3. can you all choose which graphic card is the best for me my budget is RM200. Choose in here,Accessories_Components,,Hardwares_Graphic,Card,11606.php?cat=11606&brandID=0
  4. then replace it all, it should be in pairs anyways

    at a minimum get,R6670,MD1GD3,Graphics,Card,MSI,Warranty,,354263.php?prod=354263

    or any AMD/TI HD6670 you can find, but preferable 7750

    and most modern games use 1-2gb of ram on the video card, at normal 1920x1080 resolutions, high msaa requires 2gb along with a powerful modern gpu
  5. these day DDR2 are very much overprice because the scarcity to find them (at least in my country). If you still want to use your PC, follow ASHISH65 advice, buy 2 GB memory more to add. Nowadays many apps are hungry to memory. And keep in your mind, upgrade very old system always a hard choice. From what i see, your PC spec almost meet its limit..
  6. no
  7. Chose between hd 6570 and 6670.also change os to windows 7 as it supports directx 11.remove the 2 rams and sell it and get 2 x 2 2gb ram.
  8. and don't forget, to use 4GB RAM or higher you need to use 64 bit OS ;)
  9. Yes 32 bit only uses upto need 64 bit of windows 7 to use full 4gb ram.
  10. so, i choose hd 6570 and updrage my os to windows 7. But, i cant afford the rams. Its totally out of my budget. Maybe next time i will get it. Sorry for broken english.
  11. can i ask something? with my new graphic card can i play high games such as pes2013, fifa, cod, battlefield?
  12. are DDR2 expensive too in your country? It is oddly enough like my country, old technology but more expensive..
  13. yea..about the ram the price x2 more than ddr3
  14. can i ask something? with my new graphic card can i play high games such as pes2013, fifa, cod, battlefield?
  15. pes2013 sure playable. 6570 within that resolution can handle game like cod or BF. But not in high settings. Maybe medium will do..
  16. Yes but on medium 3 will be run at low-med as it more cpu intensive game.
  17. great..thanks a lot buddy :)
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