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How much 7870 or 7850 power in 1080p game?

Hello :)
So next month i'll buy new graphic card, AMD 7870. What i want to ask, normally how far can i overclock 7870? Can it stand with same performance with 7950? If i overclock it, can it play ultra setting in 1080p resolution for gaming? If ultra can't be reach by 7870, is high setting is enough? Are those ultra settings are very much different from high setting in game? If high settings are good enough (not that much different with ultra), should i spend more little with 7850? I'm not a hardcore gamer that want 60fps or more to play game. With 40-50fps is good enough with me :D.

Thank you before for helping :).

PC spec:
CPU : i5 3470
Memory : DDR31600 8GB 9-9-9-24
PSU : Xigmatek Centauro 700Watt
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    7870 can max most games at 1080p. In some demanding games, you may have to lower the settings a little bit (ie Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution). Most 7870s can reach 1200MMHz+ on the core pretty easily and at that clockspeed, it performs equal or slightly faster than a 7950(non-boost)
  2. wow, so 7870 is great deal for performance, it even can beat 7950 with OC :O. With 1080p, will the 7870 give acceptable amount fps with max or high setting? Something like 40-50fps?
  3. Yep, easily. But like I said, depends on the game. Uber demanding titles may warrant you to lower some image settings
  4. turn off eye candy feature isn't a problem with me :D. I just want to use fair setting with the game without lost too much graphic quality and get acceptable fps. And i think that sweet spot is high setting. If 7870 can give great performance with high setting, that is all i want ;). Just need to buy it
  5. Great. Good luck with your purchase and happy gaming. ;)

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  7. thank you very much Ezio :D.
  8. You're welcome
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