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My computer died about a year ago and I'm about to fix/upgrade it. I would like to know if what I picked out would work together and I'm looking for suggestions. My price range is about $400-$450.

Mobo - ASRock Z77 Pro4

CPU - Core i5-3570K

RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB

I use it for gaming. If there's any suggestions for a better set within my price range please let me know. I'm hoping to order the parts soon.

Please do not ask about any other components as I either already made sure they will work (Power Supply etc) or do not have the money to upgrade it atm.
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    your mobo comes with free 8GB of ram :) no need to buy separate ram
  2. That deal is new! Sweet! Thanks for pointing that out!
  3. Do you think it would hinder if I continue on with the RAM I selected and use those plus the one that comes with it?
  4. as long as it is 8GB ddr3 1600 and has voltage 1,5v. you shouldnt worry

    afaik, expensive ram has higher OC potential, but the only way to figure it out is to use your free ram first, if you have problem on OC then buy the expensive one
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