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Changing Graphics Cards

Ok so as of now I have an Integrated Intel R HD Graphics card. I am looking to switch out the graphics card.I realize I am most likely not going to be able to just simply un-solder the integrated graphics card and put in a new one. I found this about disabling the graphics card but I am not on a desktop so will I have enough space for the Nvidia GeForce 650M that I want to put in?
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    Simple go to BIOS and change your Graphic Card preference.
    If you don't want Integrated, then Disable it.

    Intel HD Graphics is actually your Processors Integrated Graphics.
    That doesn't takes any space.

    But its hard to know whether you can fit a Card in your Laptop.
  2. Adding a gpu to a laptop is not as simple as you might be thinking.
    99%+ laptops don't support graphics card upgrade and it is going to be bloody expensive as well as risky.
  3. Yeah on't reccommend changing a laptop chip due to voltages and stuff it might not even have the same die size. I would of built my own laptoptop by now if it wasnt soo expensive and hard to find parts because manufactorers only get them.
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