Sapphire Ati radeon hd5450

Hello guys i have intel G31 motherboar i want to know that can my motherboard support ddr3 graphic card..
My specs are:- pentium dual core e5300 2.6GHz
2GB ram
250GB hdd
intel G31 express chipset
280 watt vip smps
i am planning to buy sapphire ati radeon hd5450 2GB ddr3 if my motherboard support it can my smps handle the graphic card?
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  1. Hd 5450 is not good for gaming.dude please tell your budget and also +12v ratings on your power supply.
  2. The motherboard has a PCI-e x16 slot so you're good to go. The power supply should cover the 5450. Also, just a bit of advice- don't get the 2GB version. It's a weak card and there is just no point in having that much memory on it because it most likely will not be able to utilize it.
  3. HD 5450 will not be able to even run the 2012 Games at Lowest Possible settings
    You'll get even less than 10fps in Lowest Possible settings. Making it totally useless to buy
  4. It will work on your g31 board no problem. Just pop the cover and make sure you have a pci-e slot. The type of ram on the video card does not effect its compatibility with the motherboard becuase it is controlled by the GPU. The mother board just sees video card, it does not care what type of gpu or ram it has.

    Your much better off with the AMD HD6450. It costs like $5-10 more uses like 35% less electricity and it is like %50 faster.
  5. i once ran a hd 6670 1 gb ddr3 graphics card from a g31 motherboard so it should be ok to run this card i think the hd 5450 has a tdp of less than 24w so this power supply
    should be able to run this card
  6. OP never said anything about games? The 5450 and 6450 are great htpc cards, or good for productivity like excel and word.

    Do you plan to play modern games with this system?
  7. @Ashish my budget is 3K nd if i go for hd6450 i have to change my smps also which will increase my budget as 1 of my frnd tld me dat hd6450 will not work on ur smps nd ur motherboard and my +12V rating is 240 watt
    @bucknutty:- i wanna play modern games it will not work kya as my frnd also have it nd he is able to play all sort of games on low settings or even some on high setting...
    Nd all oder guys thnxx for helpin me..!!
  8. Guys should i go for hd5450 2GB ddr3 or 1 gb hd6450
  9. go with 1gb hd 6450

    see here-

    hd 6450 is way better than 5450.your psu will work fine

    no game uses more than 512 memory.2gb is waste of money
  10. Thnxx buddy i will buy hd6450 only will it be able to play games nd it will not harm my motherboard or smps na..??
    Nd shuld i buy it from flipkart or some store.??
  11. it will work 100% it is very low powered can buy now anywhere whichever is in less price grap it
  12. Hmmm
    thnxx buddy for your help dude i have dual core processore in which the temp of core 1 is very high as compare to core 2 what should i do to reduce temp.
    For eg:- temp of core 1 is 60 nd temp of core 2 is 45..!!
  13. usually core 1 have more temp than core can remove the heatsink and clean it and again install it with new thermal will reduce your temp
  14. Thnxx buddy for your help..
  15. always welcome
  16. Quote:
    no game uses more than 512 memory.2gb is waste of money

    IF you play on a low resolution, like 720p. For 1080p you'll need a gig, rarely more.
  17. Dude does game graphics depends on our screen resolution..??
    If is it so my resolution is 1280*768..!!
  18. They depend on the Resolution your keep them on.
    It doesn't matter if you have a 1080p Monitor but running your game in 720p, You'll notice the 720p Quality.
  19. you can't afford something better? something like 7750 should do well with 720p res
  20. Dude my budget is only 3K if i go for 7750 then i need to buy new psu as my psu is nly 280 watt..
    Can ny1 suggest me some oder card of 3K which can handle my psu...!!
  21. actually 7750 can run pretty well on a 280 watt psu as it is an amazingly efficient card.
    but then your budget is too low for a real gaming card. i onced owned a 5450 and it was bad. i mean the performance is too low even at lowest settings in modern games.
    if you want to play modern games at even medium settings at 720p the minumum is radeon 6670 ddr3.
    so i suggest you save up an extra 2k for the 6670 rather than wasting your money on a 6450
  22. There is a card hd 5570 which costs can be run in your psu.please tell +12v ratings on sticker of your psu.
  23. +12V rating is 240 watt
  24. Nd dude powercolor hd5570 cost is 3400 sapphire model is more costly then the powercolor nd powercolor reviews are also not good
  25. You have enough wattage.there are two options for you one is hd 5570 and hd 6570.both cards have same power consumption 43w tdp.hd 5570 costs 3400 and hd 6570 costs will fine with both cards.but if you want to play some games at med-high at 720p you need hd 6570.anything less than 6570 is bad for gaming.
  26. Also there is hd 6670 which the mohit is good but just you to strech your buget to 4800.i reccommend to get atleast hd 6570 by adding 900rs more.

    hd 6570-
  27. yes even the 6570 is a decent choice at 720p. but nothing less than that.
  28. kz guys i think i vil w8 for some tym so dat i can save some money and go for hd6570..
    bt guys whats the difference between sapphire,powercolor,his model of ati radeon which 1 is best???
  29. They perform same.just different brands.better go with saphhire as their after sale support is good in india
  30. kz dude
  31. dude there are 2 models of sapphire hd6570 fan and fanless which 1 should i go for..???
  32. Better to go for fan one.
  33. actually fanless is better. zero noise
  34. assassin1234 said:
    i once ran a hd 6670 1 gb ddr3 graphics card from a g31 motherboard so it should be ok to run this card i think the hd 5450 has a tdp of less than 24w so this power supply
    should be able to run this card

    The Radeon HD 6670 can use up to 46w at stock speed. I won't bother with it on a 280w PSU from a brand I never heard of.
  35. I got RAM 2 GB ddr2 ..CPU intel p4...3ghz....ATI Radeon 5450 HD ... But idk Why i run Call of duty black ops on 60 fps with full settiings...Imbeleivable..I think ATI 5450 is able to run most of games..Becuz I tested it on many games
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