New laptop - can't save to program files - HELP!

Hi everyone,
I just received my new Toshiba Satellite laptop. It has Windows 7, and the first thing I did was go to download Firefox so I could get rid of IE.

I want to save the Firefox program in Program Files, where I always used to save programs, and it tells me I "don't have permission" to save and would I like to save to the downloads folder instead. This is making me crazy, as I'm the ONLY user on the computer, it's brand new, and I should have the "administrator" permissions! How in the heck do I make it able for me to be the administrator/have access to everything? -_-

I'd really appreciate any tips and pointers and advice. One more thing--if anyone can tell me anything I should install/uninstall immediately to protect myself regarding this new laptop, I'd appreciate it. What is the best anti-spyware out there these days? And someone told me I should NOT use Norton. My laptop came with it--should I automatically uninstall it? Again, any help is SO APPRECIATED.

Thanks! :)

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  1. in firefox open the tools then options under the general tab there is a box where you want to download your files press search open your c: drive select progam files then press select a file all your download will go there, for spyware use malwarebytes free for the norton you could uninstal but make shure you download another one before and install after norton is remove
  2. Personally, I never downloaded any setup file into Program Files. I always download it into a separate download file. Besides, if anything, instead of saving the setup for Firefox, just select "Run", and install it that way.

    Far as antivirus, I've been happy with Microsoft Security Essential myself.
  3. you might find this site helpfull for downloading your security programes,just tick what you want and it downloads and installs all in one go, brilliant site.
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