Long Continuous beep on start up

I have a gateway FX-6800-03h Desktop. It is about 5yrs old. I am running win 7 on a i7-920 w/9gb of ram and an old ATI 4870. Other than replacing the power supply about 2yrs ago it has been running flawlessly.
It has been shut down for about a week and when I started it up this morning I get a long beep. The only way to stop it is to shut off the power supply.
Any help I can get identifying this would be great.
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  1. Almost certainly a RAM problem.
    Make sure the modules are properly seated.

    If the problem persists, test each RAM module separately with Memtest86+.
    Download ISO and create a CD from it with IMGBurn:

    Boot your Gateway from that CD and the RAM testing will start automatically and continues to run until you stop it with the ESC key. Let it run for 4 passes on each module, although any errors will be found usually in the first three passes.

    (you can only test each module separately by having only one module installed at a time).
  2. Make sure the beep is not coming from the graphics card. If it is, that means it isn't getting enough juice. Reseat its PCIe power connector and see if that helps.
  3. a little googleing finds this


    This should be the mobo that is in that system and Phil22 is correct in thinking its a memory problem ..
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