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Ok i really need some help here i've tried just about everything to no avail. Ok i bought a brand new build i put together. The case has a 400w rosewill psu inside it. Im using the new AMD APU A8 series with a believe a 7660 gpu thats part of it. Ok so i installed everything and it runs fine untill i try to install anything graphic wise. If i try to install the amd chipset drivers it freezes, if i try to install the gpu drivers for APU it freezes, i tried putting a 5770 card in the pci-e slot when i did this it wouldnt even get past the load screen and just freeze before even installing drivers. Can anyone please tell me wth is going on here? Is it the PSU? I wanna return the hardware for RMU but i have no idea what to return...Is it the MB that could be bad? Is it the CPU/APU? Is it the case with the psu...I've built a few computers but this is first time ive ever had this problem. If anyone could help me out that be great and please dont ask me to update BIOS or get older drivers or whatever cause none of that works.
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  1. are you using catalyst to install the drivers? but when inserting the gpu to the pci make sure you go into the bios and make sure its using the pcie for the graphics and not from the apu
  2. Ill try that but I don't really wanna use the gpu card I just did too test. And yeah I'm using catalyst. I really just need the apu to work
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