Is my GPU on it's way out ?

hope somebody here can help.
whether i'm watching video or playing COH, i get this thing where about 5 minutes in my screen goes black and the sound skips several times before silence. i had this problem earlier and on hard restart had error messages saying Nvidia graphics driver failure. around this time my operating system was on a 10 year + old drive and strangely it died around the same time i had this graphis problem. so after reinstall of win 7 onto a pretty new healthy drive my graphic problem seem to go away too.... until 2 days ago.
i find it ridiculous that a game that COH would have difficulty running on a system as follows
* phenom 2 quad @ 3.2
* 16 gb ram
*Nvidia 550 ti gtx 3gb GPU.
the GPU was from a company called Axle so i don't know if they are dodgy. point also is i certainely haven pushed my card hard or overclocked ( meaning no current games) the damn thing is very noisey compared to when i first got it.

What do you think ??
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  1. COH? People always assume everyone knows what their abbreviations stand for :-) Axle are definitely one of the lesser-known/respected brands so you may be on to something there. Increased noise suggests your card is getting hotter (causing fan speeds to increase) so maybe give your system a clean out with a can of compressed air. Presumably you've updated drivers? Is the card still under warranty?
  2. cheers i'll look into that. thanks ;)
  3. No worries :-) Was the game City of Heroes or Company of Heroes or something else? I'm curious now.
  4. What PSU are you using?
  5. I would suggest try installing new drivers if available and check if the fan on the card is working.
  6. It's gonna have a hard time making noise if the fan isn't working :-)
  7. my old 8800 gt had a weird winding sound to it but fans weren't spinning xD can't hurt to check haha
  8. thanks all for your help
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