Need to connect two front USB ports up with this config.

What sort of adapter do I need to connect up the front USB ports and other two fans of an Antec 900 computer case to an ASRock motherboard?

Problem: The two front USB ports are not connected to anything and thus do not work.
Solution: Not spending any more money.
Plus: Connecting up the two other fans in the case.
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  1. The case should have come with cables with which to connect the front panel to your motherboard. There will be one to connect the front panel USB ports as well. No doubt you have some of the front panel connected or the power button wouldn't work.

    You can plug them into either of the 9 pin USB connectors to the right of your PCI ports. Immediately to the left of your SATA 1 and 2 ports.

    As for the case fans you can connect them with molex cables which should be included with your PSU, or to any of the 3-4 pin CHA Fan ports on your mobo. There is one directly below your mobo's 24 pin power connector.
  2. Those plugs and those ports don't fit each other.
  3. Ah, your front panel ports are USB 3.0. Unfortunately your motherboard doesn't have the onboard USB 3.0 header to wire up your front panel ports. You only option would be to get an adapter and plug them into either of the 2 USB 3.0 ports on the back panel (I would route the cable through one of the rubber grommets for water cooling).

    Its not clean but its the only way for boards that were released with USB 3.0 but before the onboard header. I have the same problem with my mobo.

    Were you able to wire up the case fans? You should run into no problem there. :/
  4. I was able to wire up two of the case fans. This case has a serious issue with dust.
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