What is the best Single Case slot GPU? Problem!

HI :hello:

Ok So I have this HP desktop that its due for a graphics card upgrade ( PSU as well)

So far I am running a 365W PSU and a XFX Geforce GT 240 and it runs ok for games but definaltly time for a better card.

See, as in this picture here,


My motherboard ( in a sense) is upside down, and my PCI X16 is facing upwards, making it so all my cards face up. Therefore,
Limiting me to a single slot card. ( see pic above)

I was pretty mad when I got the machine, realizing this problem. :pfff:

What are some ideas that I could do? Is there any gaming cards that only take the one slot? ( as seen in picture)?

Im stuck and I dont know what to do :??:

Additional Pictures:

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  1. Whats your bugdet
  2. ASHISH65 said:
    Whats your bugdet

    Well I got the GT 240 around $80

    My budget now is around $75to$200
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