Incompatibility stew: Gpu ,Processor, OS = grainy screen gumbo!

Hello, thanks for looking at my question, here's the short version::

My Radeon 9600 series (svideo,vga,dvi) AGP slot is working just fine on my Old ESUS mother board
and even runs good with 2g ddr2 ram on Windows 7 ultimate x64.

Now my Processor was a lga 775 Pentium 4 2.8 ghz

and everything worked fine..(just a tad bit slower than i'd like but ready boost with a 32g supersonic patriot usb drive helps out .)

I wanted to upgrade my Pentium 4 to a pentium D since I saw one real cheap on amazon and thought hey why not . this is just my old pc I use to play netflix and play movies on my composite tv and strem to xbox with media center. Not my pc for big stuff.

so I installed the pentium D 945 3,4ghz 4m cache and everything was fine until the drivers for the dual core proccy were installed and when my computer reset my screen looked like a garbbled digital mess of squares and horizontal lines....the os was running fine ,the visuals sucked! impossible to use. So luckily I have a back up os of XP x32 sp3 on my other drive so I try new pentium D installs and everything still worked fine...NO PROBLEMS in xp. The graphics were fine. so I go back to win 7 x64 but THIS TIME I hook up to the vga out on the mobo, removing the Radeon card. ANd it WORKS! so obviously I have a conflict with my Pentium D and My Radeon card...or do I? I do a fresh install of Win 7 x64 just to see what will happen and everything works fine the pentium D, the Radeon, all drivers installed, no conflicts....until....I install the catalyst Control center. First off the most recent CCC doesn't even work after install...because my card is old? (legacy?) and then I tried to use the same CCC drivers from before 10.2 or something like that....BAM the problem is BACK! messed up screen.... Here's what confuses me...WHY? Why not on XP? why not with my Pentium 4 processor 2.8ghz but with this one???

My power supply? FSP group model atx 400pn
400watt...didn't have any problems with pentium 4 but with pentium D only and only in win 7 x64 and only if that CCC is installed....

so that tells me its not IRQ problems right I mean the card worked fine along side pentium D in x64 bit environment UNTIL THOSE drivers were installed but those drivers dont cause problems with the pentium 4 or the xp os, Just in this specific mix here....

I like the speed up I have from my Pentium D i'd like to keep it in...I like the radeon card and dont want to spend money on a "new" AGP card for this old mobo set up.. I just want to watch my cartoons on tv and stream netflix again....The only thing I feel I havn't tested is running this set up in win 7 a test to see if this is a 32bit vs 64bit issue...
what should I do? go back to the pentium chip that worked? or go back to xp? or get a different agp video card (my least likely one)...remember I jsut want to use the CCC program again
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  1. You cannot expect quality video with a single core processor. Sorry, it don't exist. The vendor may tell you it does...hahahahahah!
    Quad core is more like it.
    You cannot expect an obsolete OS to give good quality video. It don't have the drivers or the resources to run it....

    Basically when you upgrade an old machine, like you did, you are wasting your money, bigtime.
    It will never give the results you want, no matter how much you spend, or what you install.
    The board and processor can't even start to run it properly.

    You should have bought a new board, a quad core processor, and a pci video card, windows 7.
    Other than that, you are basically throwing money in the trash.

    Lots of vendors want you to "believe" you can upgrade an old machine, and get good results.
    They fooled you. No such thing. They basically mislead customers into buying obsolete junk.
    But don't feel too bad...they got me too. And I learned a hard lesson.
    I once believed it could be done too, but boy, was I wrong.

    And to conclude, if anybody out there is looking for high quality video...
    Don't bother with a dual core either. Get a quad, and be happy!
    ON-board video is a JOKE compared to a real modern video card.
    The difference is HUGE.
  2. Well thanks for your comment. But it didn't apply directly to my situation . See I didn't spend any money but 10$ to buy an old dual core processor. And while quad may be ideal along with a high quality card, it is not necessary for my needs. My machine does run windows 7 just fine. There really isn't much better quality I can get out of 80s cartoons or none hd video. I don't play games so I doubt the diff for me will be huge. And remember my set up does work just fine like I said in xp and in windows 7. its a specific combination of parts and drivers but only in win7 .
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