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hi all, are there any monitors with retina display? if not, do you think we will get them soon? i'm using a very old 19" monitor and would like to get a new one and hoping to get a retina display. thanks
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  1. ^ +1. I like how you pointed it out

    30" 2560x1600 is the biggest and highest resolution desktop monitor you can find right now
  2. I only need 24". do you know if we will get any 24" retina monitors in the near future?
  3. can i have the brand and model of these 1440p monitors?
  4. velocci said:
    can i have the brand and model of these 1440p monitors?

    I think that since the rules are strict they cant or the will get banned or something:( My bud did that and got banned from posting it from ebay :(
  5. meowmix44 said:
    I think that since the rules are strict they cant or the will get banned or something:( My bud did that and got banned from posting it from ebay :(

    Huh? so many products are linked and model numbers given out on this site, in almost every thread... I don't see how this is any different.
  6. I went to and found no mention of any monitors by this company. Can you buy this in Canada?

    BigMack70 said:
    Well there's a few out there but my favorite is the one from Microcenter:

    It's from a brick and mortar store I trust, is in English, has HDCP support, all the inputs you need, and oh my goodness it's gorgeous. It's one of the best tech upgrades I've ever made (coming from an old 28" 1920x1200 TN-type monitor).

    Only downsides peculiar to the monitor, in my opinion, are:
    -The stand isn't the best (you'd have to get a custom mount/stand if you want a nice one)
    -It's way too bright out of the box and it needs a little bit of fiddling with the colors to get it looking perfect (as with most monitors).
    -The 1 year warranty is still too short and it's advisable to buy an extended one (I bought a 3 year Squaretrade warranty for mine).
  7. BigMack70, don't mean to hijack this thread, but it sounds like you recommend that Auria. I've been looking at getting one at the local MC. Is it true BIOS doesn't show with DVI and you can't adjust colors with Displayport? I've been reading about it and found some people describing little quirks like this.
  8. 7970 lightning doesn't have dl-dvi? TIL. Do you use minidp>dp or do your cards not need that adapter? I barely ever play fps games, unless borderlands counts, so I'm not too concerned about that. I have a cheaper acer 23" 1920x1080 with terrible backlight bleed, so I'm sure the Auria would be better all around. Thanks.
  9. My 7870 came with a minidp>dp adapter so I just need a normal dp cable or if I want to use dvi I will need an hdmi>dvi adapter so I can have both monitors hooked up. I know I will need to upgrade my gpu, but I'll wait for the next series to do that.
  10. The nearest you will come is a IPS panel. Most under 27" will only be upto 1080.
    Here is a Nice Asus 23" for only $184 (175 after $10MIR)

    Asus $150 + $9 shiping (BUT ONLY 21.5"):

    ** My choice) Asus $209 (after $20 MIR) + $9 shipping 24.1":

    Full listing of IPS Monitors @ Newegg Also some sub $400 27" :
  11. so you saying this monitor is not good for professional photo editing? I'm not a pro photographer, but its my hobby and this is why i want a high resolution monitor.

    BigMack70 said:
    Well I haven't hooked it up with DVI so I can't comment on that (the Lightning 7970s don't have DL-DVI so I just use a DP cable). BIOS and everything work perfectly fine for me over DP.

    Not sure what you mean about adjusting the colors... I'm hooked up via DP and the OSD still adjusts the colors just fine, and I can also adjust colors in CCC.

    I'm amazed at this monitor for $400. Sure the stand is cheap, the response time is absolutely not going to satisfy competitive FPS gamers, and the colors/contrast probably aren't good enough for a professional eye/user, but for me it's just amazing. I don't play FPS games competitively and therefore am not sensitive to input lag or response time, I don't do professional photo editing work or anything like that, and I'll eventually just buy a better stand.
  12. One more comment on this:

    I notice a lot of higher resolution 27" displays. But higher resolution is not the same as higher ppi.
    I am hoping to get something which has a high resolution but does not deliver more text on the screen, but instead delivers higher crispness to the text.

    Kind of like how the Retina MB Pro delivers only the earlier 1440x900 actual pixels, and in the process keeps text size the same as earlier MB Pros but far more crisp text and icons.

    Any such monitor available? Or can the higher resolution 27" monitors be used like the Retina display on MB Pro to increase crispness as opposed to increasing the amount of text on the screen?

  13. BigMack70 said:
    What you are asking has to do with how the operating system handles high PPI displays, not how the monitor is.

    Assuming a constant physical form factor, higher resolution does mean higher PPI, by definition.

    To my knowledge, no Windows operating system does what you are asking as well as OS X does. You can zoom in a bit on word processors/internet browsers but it's not exactly the same thing. Windows 7 and 8 aren't really set up to handle very high PPI displays in that way.

    I currently use a circa 2009 MB Pro and have been considering moving to the newer one. So in your knowledge, will the new MB Pro increase PPI any on the higher resolution 27" displays. I guess not - considering that the resolution of the WQHD 27" displays do not appear to be multiples of any typical resolutions...
  14. I bought a Shimian 2560x1440 from a trusted buyer I found in the these forums. I bought it straight from Korea. Its flawless and stunning to play games on. Its an IPS display made by LG. They built them for Apple for the $1000 Thunderbolt display. Its a stripped down version with no built in scaler (any good GPU handles it anyway) so it has VERY low latency. Best $265 I have ever spent.
  15. Also "retina" is just marketing. Its a PPI where at "typical" viewing distance you cant recognize individual pixels. Its an lcd like any other. All very debatable.
  16. That Asus is the same res as what I have exactly. It is a 16x9 display which is very common and gives a nice field of view in games.
  17. BigMack70 said:
    Sadly, nothing indicates that there will be anything other than 1920x1080 on 24" monitors anytime soon. The trend is actually the opposite of what you want - to push 1080p up to the 27" size rather than to push 1440p down to the 24" size.

    It's pathetic, in my opinion :(

    I'm hoping that these $300-400 Korean 1440p panels continue to gain traction and really shake things up... there's actually some decent stateside options now for them (and I'm LOVING mine)!

    Im LOVING mine too. Got a Shimian and it really is amazing. Ive been gaming for many years and I jumped off something high in Borderlands 2 when I first got it and actually got a falling feeling in my gut for a sec. VERY immersive. The detail in serious games is incredible. Examples: Crysis 2, Skyrim. I highly recommend them as long as you purchase safely.
  18. Good review @ anadtech:
    For the price, do not think you will find better.

    I'd run right out and buy except for the Limited imput(s) or should I say lack of. This is NOT a problem for Most.
    Myself, I have two computers + a external DVD recorder (cable input) connected to My Dispay (currently all on seperate hdmi inputs.
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