Did I get a faulty MSI 7950 TFIII?

My 7950 is running around 70-75*c with 80+fan speed and ambient temp of 22*c. My friend also got the same card and his ambient temp is a little lower but his runs around 55*c at a much lower fan speed.

I noticed two of the four screws on the back of the PCB that hold the heatsink on aren't screwed in as far as the other two and won't go in any further. Thinking about sending it back to Amazon for replacement.

Also, we both got the 6 pin + 8 pin PCB but his came 960Mhz core and mine was 880Mhz core?
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  1. I would also like to add that I've taken the side of my case off and put large fan blowing directly on the card and the temps didn't change. This makes me think it must be the heatsink.

  2. RMA it if you think something isn't right and it seems like it.

    On the core clock, your friend's card is clocked higher is maybe because he bought the OC version which comes slightly overclocked out of the box
  3. if the heat sink not on right and the card is cooking itself it going to clock itself down to save itself.
  4. Would you say that the screws not being even means the heatsink isn't on right?
  5. there should have been 4 of them one to hold down each side of the heat sink.
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