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I have a dell optiplex 980 desk top computer i need to update my graphic card to play battlefield 3 how do i do this
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  1. hello... I see 3 different cases when I search... basically you need Watts in your Power supply to handle any modern graphic card... and in most cases I have had to Upgrade a Power Supply and buy a video card, for the game resolution I plan to Play a game at... when you talk about a Desktop, the power supply can sometimes be a ODD shape or dimension... to get a replacement power supply with more Watts in it... So a New case is Sometimes needed for a higher watt Power supply.

    So first determine your existing power Supply watts...
  2. at what resolutions do you want to play?????

    1080p would require at least 7870 or gtx660 to get good fps....just ensure your psu have enough power for it
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