Vs-4 & H20i closed watercooling loop

Just a quick question.

I have a VS-4 case that JUST accommodates my Freezer pro R2. (The cooler just touches the side of the case)

After looking around I came across the H20i, witch seems perfect for my FX8350 piledriver.

My question, has anyone got this rad to fit in the mentioned case.

Looking at it, it seems the rad itself would fit on the side of the case (would be tricky if i needed to get the side off i guess) But there does seem to be a fair amount of room, (If for instance i removed the removable hard drive bay it could fit down there but im not sure, and wanted opinions BEFORE i fork out the cash for the cooler.

anyone tried this !!
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  1. Sorry nobody got to this before now, I'll do my best to help!

    I'm curious why you feel you need such an elaborate cooling system?
    Are you hitting high temps or haven't built yet?

    Many gamers using very high-end CPU's, while OC'ing, get by very well with the Hyper 212 Plus or EVO (both fit) or similar setups like the Freezer you already have and ample case ventilation.

    I can't find H20i anywhere, which cooler is it?
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