XFX 7950 Shutting down pc

I recently bought a xfx 7950, as soon as i received it I installed it and powered it by using 1x6pin and i put a 6pin to 8pin adapter on my other 6 pin, after enabling eyefinity I ran furmark to test the performance but as soon as I hit burn in test the pc completely shut down. Another time I launched far cry 3 and as soon as I got into the game I played for about 5-10 seconds and it turned my pc off again, I have read a few articles and some people say it could be the psu, I have a cheap psu could this be the problem, the psu i use is this http://www.scan.co.uk/products/750w-alpine-alpine-750w-quiet-fan-atx-v203-psu . Any help would be much appreciated.
Rest of my specs if you need it,
Phenom x4 @ 3.3 GHz
8gb g skill Ram 1333
gigabyte motherboard with pci e 2.0 (sorry dont know exact model)
24inch acer monitor using hdmi
21.5 inch acer monitor using dvi
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  1. dude....

    i am sorry to say this, an unknown PSU is considered a junk and is well-known for causing trouble even able to kill all pheriperal inside PC
  2. not having enough cable to GPU, and using adapter instead

    means.... your PSU is not able to run it...

    i hope you dont kill your brand new 7950 :(
  3. thanks alot, ill swap it back to my 6870 and ill order a new one, could you recommend a good enough psu for £40-£50
  4. i had exactly the same problem with my XFX 7950 and cheap (EZCool) PSU, if you set the Catalyst Control Centre Performance settings to default it should run fine, and should run FC3 better than your 6870
    (too skint to afford a new PSU at the minute)
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