Geforce GTX650 ti MSI vs ASUS??? DECISIONS!

I want to get the Geforce GTX 650ti but I don't know whether to get MSI or ASUS. Or if the other brands are better, I've read that EVGA's cooling isn't as good so there card is out of the question. I would like to get the GTX 660 but price is too steep.
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    vote for MSI, higher core clock :)

    and make sure you side panel case has fan to suck air out, because MSI fan emit heats to the side panel
  2. one major thing u forget that u cant sli the gtx 650 ti so may be in future u will sli it
    so i suggest this over above comment
  3. I vote for MSI as well. The cyclone cooler might not look good but it performs incredible
  4. Well I sucked it up and went with the GTX 660 MSI with the Twin FROZR
  5. ^ I would say that's a good choice. ;)
  6. Msi hands down
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