Is it the video card?

I've been having problems with my one desktops where it has been crashing. When it does that the display goes blank and there is no longer any HDD activity. But it only does it when some programs are running. If it is just sitting on the desktop there is no problem. Drivers on both sides of dual boot are up to date.

Programs it crashes on:
Windows side - Star Trek Online and Minecraft.

Linux side - Minecraft.

Program it does NOT crash on:
Windows side - Civilization 4
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  1. could be a bad card or bad power supply. start with opening the system up and making sure all the fans are moving..if there moving slow or sluggish..may be time to replace them. make sure you run a program like asus afterburner set a fan profile of 50c make sure the fan on the gpu maxed out and watch the gpu temp. if the temps get to hot the gpu will lock up. on the power supply side run hardware monitor and log the ps voltage..when the system locks up look to see if the voltage were fine in the system.
  2. I'll check the fans. Will also test Team Fortress 2 on both Windows and Linux sides now that Steam and TF2 are available on Linux.

    Will not be able to test the power supply as my tester is unavailable until the 14th. But will once I can get at my tester.
  3. there a free program called hardware monitor it read the power supply voltages from the mb and shows them in windows for you. great for finding out if a power supply in windows is crapping out.
  4. The power supply tester I have is quite good. Digital readout down to a tenth of a volt.

    Also, I have installed and played Team Fortress 2 on the linux side and after about 10-15 min of playing the computer locked up. Did not go blank but sound and video froze.
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