New Build! Upgrades? Suggestions? Gaming/Video Ren

Hey everyone! This is gonna be my first build! I will not be overclocking this, this machine will be used for gaming and heavy video editing for my youtube account! I need your help to find some parts, but i have these planned!

I don't know if I need links! Do I?

Intel i5-3470

8gb of Corsair Vengeance
Main HDD
1TB Wester Digital Caviar Black (This is SATA/300 should i be going for SATA/600 what is that anyway!?!)
120GB Sandisk EXTREME series
EVGA GTX 660 Super Clocked

I do not know how much total power do i need nor do i know a motherboard of good quality that can support all of these parts! Please Help me find a POWER SUPPLY and MOTHER BOARD.

Thank You,
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