Advice on Upgrading a Prebuilt for Gaming.


First of all thank you for your time to look over my post and for any advice you give as i know time is always valuable.

Now my problem, at the moment I am gaming on a pre built pc and it runs most games fine but i would like to upgrade it little by little to enhance my gaming experience until I get to university in which i will build my own pc but, until then this is what im stuck with. What im asking of you guys and gals is what should i upgrade first i got 200 dollars to spare this month but i don't know what i should upgrade first cpu, motherboard, or gpu or anything else.

Again thank you for your time.


Cpu: Amd Athlone ii x4 645
GPU: Radeon HD 6750
Psu: Corsair 600 W
Motherboard: FOXCONN 2AB1 (I believe, got this info from CPU-Z)
Ram: 6GB

Idk how to insert DxDiag so if that is needed any help on how to post it would be fantastic aswell.

PS: I wont be overclocking so that isnt a factor that I would need in any component.
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  1. Since you have a decent PSU and a quad core CPU, your best upgrade would be to drop in a GPU upgrade. Take that full $200 and get the best card you can get for that. An AMD 7850 would be under $200 and a GTX660 or 7870 would be just over $200. Right now they all come with free game stuff which is a nice value. I personally would get a GTX660, but that is my own opinion. Any of the 3 would do well. The 7850 is the lesser performing one, but they are all a far cry from your current card.
  2. Is this your motherboard?

    You can look for CPU's to upgrade that are socket AM3 or below (making sure it is compatible first), also note that the max wattage recommended is 95w.

    But I would upgrade the GPU first, to something like the 7870, GTX 660ti that should last for a little while as well (they can run upwards to ~$200 or so depending on the card and sales going on). CPU should be fine for now.
  3. Would a gtx660 work on my motherboard or fit?

    Thank all of you for your responses and taking your time to help me, its very appreciated.

    And yes drg that seems to be my motherboard. Thank you for the link.
  4. Solf said:
    It fits, no compatibility issues. You should read this.,3401-5.html

    Ah ok thank you very much sadly the sale for 208 is sold out but ill save for an extra couple days to buy it thank you very much to all of you for your help it is greatly appreciated!
  5. Anyone have any opinions on this card and if it could run on my motherboard since apparently its a little different than the regular one?

    It seems good but has alot of bad reviews aswell as good reviews so im conflicted.

    Thank you.
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    The question will be if it fits in your case, not motherboard. It looks a bit wide so you would need to make sure your have the extra place on the width of your case as well as length.

    Everything has some bad reviews, just make sure it is a verified purchaser before taking the comments. I personally wouldn't buy an HIS, as I prefer to stick with the major brands that I know have good support. But if you are trying to save a few buck, this looks like a good deal on an 7870. You always have that 30 days to return to newegg.
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