No display on monitor after installing new graphics card

After putting in the new GPU I turn the computer on and the monitor appears to have no signal to it. Everything works fine on the computer without it, and the GPU works fine on other computers.

Im using a Gigabyte b75 d3v
Gigabyte amd 7850 OC
430 psu

Some have said the psu may be a problem, however the gpu has power going to it when i turn on the computer and also many stated that the psu I am using is fine for my build.

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  1. mate i have the same problem, i have ordered a new psu because of this.....its because the 12v rail on your psu may be outdated or may even not have one, so yeh thats what i got told, its coming tomorrow so i can tell you how it goes.
  2. first off...if you had been using integrated graphics before,your have to disable it via BIOS
    and set it to pci express
    secondly ensure that you have updated your mainboard BIOS
    lastly try running your machine with a better psu.
  3. I tried this, now my computer won't turn on with or w/o the gpu, thanks...
  4. test your gpu on another machine...see if that works...reset your cmos so that you are able to use the i-gpu.
  5. tried the gpu in another computer and it worked, tried a different psu and it still didnt work.
  6. what was the power rating of the other psu.
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