Driver issues (these things always confuse me)


A preface:

- I hate downloading drivers
- I'm not sure this question belongs here, and it HAS been asked before in another thread, but I figured it deserves its own discussion.
- I'm building a new computer in a week or so
- I hate downloading drivers

Moving on. I'm looking into downloading the drivers from ASRock for their Z77 Extreme4 MoBo, and none of the download links seem to work. It would be MUCH easier to just use the CDs included, but it seems like that's definitely NOT the preferred option.

Could anyone point me in the direction of the drivers I need? And also a list of all the drivers I should get before AND after the PC is built?

You guys are the best :D
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  1. You can't really download the drivers BEFORE a PC is built...just use the disc they give you, that really is the preferred way to do it...if anything needs an update odds are windows will notify you of them.
  2. That's what a buddy of mine did and it seemed to work out fine for him. I obviously want the most up-to-date drivers, but I wasn't sure if there was any benefit to getting them ahead of time on a thumb drive.
  3. all you do is install the ethernet drive(if you have a wireless card i believe it can install auto without any downloaded drivers) and then just download pretty much all the drivers on the website.
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    roaddoc326 said:
    You can't really download the drivers BEFORE a PC is built...just use the disc they give you, that really is the preferred way to do it...if anything needs an update odds are windows will notify you of them.

    This is completely incorrect, provided the OP has another computer to access (and it seems to be the case).

    The BEST way to handle this is to grab a small thumbdrive (usb harddrive) and download all the drivers you'll need on it (chipset/INF, lan, usb, audio, video card). Do this with an existing PC.

    You do this by saving the download as a file (may have to save it on desktop and move to thumbdrive). This works without issue. Make sure to get the INF (which is the chipset), lan, usb, audio, video card drivers. I'd also DL microsoft security essentials (unless you have windows 8) and put that on the thumbdrive also.

    After you install windows, plug in the thumbdrive (only certain USB ports willl work due to drivers not being installed). Open the INF first, and make sure to reboot between each install for best performance.

    CDs are generally outdated drivers. Don't clutter your drives with useless information. Just go and download the most recent onto a thumbdrive like described above. Enjoy

    You can find the mobo drivers (INF, Audio, USB, LAN) Here

    You can find microsoft security essentials (active anti-virus) Here

    Without knowing what card you have I can't show you where to go for that.
  5. This is the way it's been explained to me before. And that's fine, but ASRock doesn't seem to have working links for the drivers. So where am I supposed to find the drivers?

    Like explicitly where? Because I can't seem to find the Z77 chipset drivers on Intel's website, nor can I find the correct Realtek drivers on their website.

    I apologize if this is a lot to ask for, but I really am a newbie when it comes to drivers.
  6. I gave you the links.. click on the "here" then choose the appropriate OS you will be using.

    Also, note I said "INF" is the chipset driver. It doesn't say "CHIPSET", it says "INF".

    Also, after installing your OS, the INF should be the FIRST driver you install. Reboot between each driver install (I don't care what people say, it's the best way). Also, remember, only a few of the USB inputs will work until you install the "USB" driver.
  7. Maybe it's my internet connection, but every link for the USA drivers under Windows 7 (64 bit) seems to lead to a non-existent webpage.
  8. Ok. so you're using windows 7.


    I see the drivers just fine here. On the right side it says "download from", just click US. Get both USB, INF, Audio, and LAN. They are the only ones you "need".
  9. Are you able to download them? As I've said, attempting to download the US drivers leads me to a dead end. No download, no webpage from which to download...I can't even "Save Target As" it.

    I'll gladly download from Europe, as those links seem to be working, but I won't unless I'm sure they're the same thing.
  10. Yep, it downloads in the activity bar (at the bottom of my web browser). It doesn't take me anywhere, or ask me anything, simply clicking it starts the download.
  11. Wow, must be me, then. Welp, I got everything I needed from the Europe links anyways. Thanks!
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