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I am building a new gaming PC and I am going to be CFX or SLi video cards in my rig. I will most likely be getting an i5 3570K, 8GB DDR, and a good 80 plus power supply, SSD is a possibiliy also. Basically I will be playing at 1920x1080 on a single 24'' LED Acer monitor for now, maybe multiple in the future. I want to get constant 60fps in all my games and be able to play on the highest/ultra settings. That being said I was looking at single card setups but aren't pleased enough with the performance, so I will be gettingtwo cards to SLI or CFX. I want to know the best value-performance for a good dual card solution, I was looking at GTX 660 SLi, GTX 660 TI SLi, 7870 GHz CFX and 7950 CFX. Which would be the best value for the money? Dont worry about physX because I am not worried about that. I hear there are some bandwidth issues with the 660 ti as it is only 192-bit. I am kind of torn between going 7870 GHz Crossfire or 7950 CFX or what. Basically I need to know the best performance I can get for dollar between SLI GTX 660, 660 TI, 7870 GHz and 7950. Which is the best choice for CFX/SLi?
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  1. You're not pleased with the performance of a 680 or 7970 on only 1920x1080? Either of those cards will spank the *** out of any game at that resolution right now.
  2. Nah I had a GTX 670 TOP from ASUS on my last rig, and it was a good card, but I want to be more future proof, and the thing is for less money than a 680, I can get dual 660s and for a little more dual 660 ti's and that's a lot more performance then a single 680.
  3. There is no future proof.
  4. maybe you should consider a GTX 690? . . . that'll be fast, it has two GPUs on the PCB and it'll handle most games at 1920x1080 on the highest settings while maintaining a min of 60fps
  5. Lol, no future proofing huh, well there is such a thing as MORE future proof then a single card that probably won't make it until 2015 where dual 7950s would most likely. All I'm saying. A GTX 690 is $1000 lol, you can get dual 670s for $200 less. What I'm saying is maybe getting dual 7870 GHz in CFX would be a better option then spending the same amount for a GTX 680 that is less powerful, but I understand I will be dealing with a few more issues like micro-stuttering, but that stuff aside, the performance will be better overall.
  6. Go for the can handle everything you throw at it with ease on 1080p resolutions.
    you can sli it later when you get multiple monitors,if you ever feel the need to.

    it is always better to keep options open than to start off with an sli itself.
  7. There's really no need for those types of rigs at 1080p. I second that there is no future proof. You're going to need to keep upgrading. I have a single 7870 card and it runs all games at a 1080p on ultra at 50-70, avg 60. If your going with crossfire, 7870 CFX is MORE than enough considering I AVG 60 on a single card.
  8. So are you saying go with a single GTX 680 then for now and then maybe sell towards next high end card maybe late next year? How would that work? Should I go for something like the MSI GTX 680 Lightning?
  9. What about this type of build:

    i7 3770k
    corsair h80i liquid cpu cooler
    8gb corsair vengeance
    gigabyte z77x-ud3h
    corsair tx-850w v2 80 plus bronze
    msi gtx 680 lightning 2gb
    samsung internal dvd-rw
    toshiba 1tb 7200 rpm (storage)
    ocz vertex 3 240gb (os/boot/games) (max iops version)
    cooler master haf 932 advance (full tower case)

    how is that setup for my build?
  10. Will this build be good until the next high end Nvidia card comes out?
  11. That above list looks pretty good... I think the gtx680 is kinda sitting in 'no mans land' from a price/performance perspective. Realistically you'd go a gtx670 if you want nVidia or otherwise a 7970 and save some money... or as another possibility for the price of the 680 you could CF 7870 and still save.

    I like the idea of getting one 7970 now, considering it will give you 60+ fps at 1920x1080 in pretty much every current game and then add a second later... while making sure your PSU can accommodate (750W).

    See Tom's 2K this month build for some CF 7970 fps situations:,3363.html
  12. Yeah the 680's are pretty expensive compared to the rest of the cards right now. Maybe go with a 7970 GHz or 7870 GHz CFX?
  13. mf2385 said:
    Yeah the 680's are pretty expensive compared to the rest of the cards right now. Maybe go with a 7970 GHz or 7870 GHz CFX?

    just in case you need extra performance 1 year down the might have to end up with a triple way cfx, if you start with a cfx now.

    choice is always yours

    good luck
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