Resolution problem 1920x1080 (1080i)

Ok so the monitor i use is a 32 inch 1080i TV. when i got into 1920x1080 or 1280x720 in the graphic card options the picture goes off the screen, so i have to go into
1080i-1768x992 it doesn't fit the screen fully its a little bit smaller. is there a fix for this? it also says the 1920x1080 is (native) / (recommended)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 520
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  1. how do you connect your tv to the computer?

    remember hdmi generally do not scale well in case you are using it.

    orelse try updating the display drivers and Windows.
  2. Try using windows resolution options instead of the graphics card ones.
  3. If those options don't work for you, you can choose how the input handles it as well, at least on some TV's. "Scan as is" would likely be the option you'd want, or something similar.
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