Hi, i have an old monitor Samsung SyncMaster 796mb and i just bought a new video card (HD 7770) and it hasn't VGA output. What adapter do i need? DVI-D to VGA, DVI-A, or something else?
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  1. Chances are the adapter would have come with the card. Though if it didnt, this is what you need to get.
    Either a straight up adapter.
    Or a cable with VGA and DVI at each end.
  2. Your DVI ports must have analogue output (DVI-I or DVI-A). Then you can use those cheap adapter to connect the DVI port with the VGA.
  3. The easy way to see analog out on DVI is to look for a little + with 4 dots around it on the one side.

    Like this.
  4. If you are looking to go from digital DVI to analog VGA monitor you need an active DVI-D to VGA converter. These cheap adapters on the market don't do digital to analog video signal conversion and won't work. I would recommend checking Part # SCA-DVI-ANA.
  5. get a dvi-a to vga adapter...that would be enough

    dvi-a is analogue
    dvi-d is digital
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